IT IS no secret election campaigns can be very costly.

After all, those who spend the most on leaflets and social media adverts will benefit from increased exposure – and, they hope, increased votes.

While all candidates in Brighton and Hove spent most of their funds on election material, some expenses stick out.

Brighton Kemptown Brexit Party candidate Graham Cushway spent £116 on “expenses and mileage” for the party’s Ford Fiesta “battle bus”.

Mr Cushway’s campaign also spent £62.40 on a sign for the vehicle and £50 on a megaphone.

Meanwhile Brighton Pavilion Labour candidate Adam Imanpour racked up £254 in taxi fares during his election campaign.

And the three Green candidates in Hove, Pavilion and Kemptown spent a combined £1,800 hiring buses from The Big Lemon, a company owned by Green Brighton and Hove city councillor Tom Druitt.

Brighton Kemptown Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle hired four cars with vehicle firm Enterprise during his campaign.

Those included a Ford Fiesta and a Toyota Yaris.

Mr Russell-Moyle was the biggest spender in Brighton and Hove during the election, shelling out £12,213.

Close behind was his Conservative rival for Brighton Kemptown Joe Miller, who spent £12,023.

Only two candidates were frugal enough to spend no money at all.

The first was Hove Monster Raving Loony Party candidate Dame Dixon, who admitted she entered the race to benefit her pantomime career.

Mysterious Brighton Pavilion candidate Bob Dobbs also spent nothing.