THE FAMILY of a man diagnosed with the coronavirus patient has left the city.

The patient from Brighton, a man reported to be in his 40s or 50s, flew in the country from Singapore and is the UK's third confirmed case of the virus.

His family have been checked by medical practitioners and have left the city to be mindful of the other residents, said Hove and Portslade MP Peter Kyle told The Argus.


Mr Kyle said: "It has just been confirmed to me by a Department of Health minister that a member of our community has contracted Coronavirus.

"The second he observed symptoms our NHS leapt into action and he has been moved to a specialised isolation unit near London which is designed for situations like this.

"His family have not exhibited signs and are not suspected of having contracted the virus but because of their shock at developments and eagerness to be especially cautious they are spending some time together in a more secluded place."

He added that they the left the city to be "mindful, to reassurance people, to be extra safe and to be extra cautious".

The case was confirmed in a statement from the Chief Medical Officer for England at about 1.30pm today.

Worldwide, 28,265 people are confirmed to have the virus. So far, 565 have died.

Mr Kyle added: "I’ve asked those who are in touch with the family to let them know they are in my thoughts, that I’m here as their MP so support them in any way I can, but also to pass on the very best wishes of our whole community.

"I’ve now met many people who have found themselves suddenly at the centre of a national event and it can be terrifying for them.

"We as a community must always be sensitive to that and we owe it to them not to listen to people who spread rumours as it can make them feel hurt and unwelcome.

"What I want right now is for the family to be reunited with their dad once he’s fully recovered and for them to jump back into life here in our community. I really do wish them well in this difficult time."