THREE city restaurants have been named as the UK’s top places for vegans to get a takeaway.

Happi Maki, The Hope & Ruin and The Bok Shop have all been included in a list of 45 restaurants across the country according to stag weekend organisers, StagWeb.

The eateries were compiled based on their food, menu, service and "ethical practices".

Listing Happi Maki in Pool Valley, Brighton, StagWeb said: “Proof that even the biggest meat-eaters can make the cruelty-free change.

"The founder of Happi Maki used to be a fish fanatic, but switched to the plant-based life when she realised sushi can taste just as amazing without them.

The Argus:

"These sushi wraps are a sensation in the South East."

The restaurant was praised for its Sweet Chilli Chick – crispy chicken bits, roasted sesame seeds, avo, cucumber, red pepper, basil and sweet chilli sauce.

The site said of The Hope & Ruin in Queens Rd, Brighton: "The hellish menu actually hosts a heavenly selection of vegan doners, hot dogs and loaded fries that’ll plunge you into the pits of a food coma for sure. If you fear greens then Beelzebab is a safe haven from salad."

Speaking of the Bok Shop, which is in East Stret, Brighton, the site said: "The Bok Shop offers an O.G take on the chicken shop with a tonne of vegan chicken options with names like ‘Satay Night Fever’ and ‘Jennifer Buffalopez’ that put the funk in junk.

"Not only do they make us belly-laugh, but make our bellies full as we chow down then bow down to the royals of South East veganism."