A MAN who says he was the victim of a mob attack says he is “disgusted” about a decision not to pursue the case.

Michael Cullen claimed he was set upon by men brandishing a knife, a hammer, a wrench and a crowbar outside his home in Auckland Drive, Bevendean.

He said a group had driven in three cars to attack him and his family, including partner Natalie Cullen.

Michael, 37, a carer, said he was knocked out in the attack and was stabbed just below his eye.

He claimed Natalie also suffered injuries and feared Michael was dead.

They were both taken to Brighton’s Royal Sussex County Hospital.

But they both fear a botched investigation means that they have not been able to get justice.

Michael said despite the weapons being dumped at the scene and their children witnessing the incident, they were told by the Crown Prosecution Service there was not enough evidence to prosecute.

He said the attack happened on August 8, 2018, but he only received a letter from the CPS last month.

He said: “I heard the cars pulling up as I was walking home. They attacked Natalie, I ran over and they came towards me.

“They kept raining blows down on me, hitting me over the head. From the first hit I could taste the blood in the back of my throat.

“They were hitting me with weapons, I think they were trying to kill me.

“I think in the end they were getting in each other’s way so they weren’t able to get a proper blow in.”

Natalie, 34, said: “The children were screaming but even then they weren’t stopping.”

Michael said he suffered a broken nose and injuries similar to someone involved in a car crash.

But he said despite this, a letter from the CPS said it had no medical record of his injuries.

The couple are angry as they say the police did not take statements from some of their children who had witnessed the attack and may have recognised the attackers.

They are also upset medical documents were not handed over to the CPS to review and concerned that the weapons dumped at the scene could not be linked to their attackers.

District Crown Prosecutor Victoria James wrote a letter to the couple explaining the CPS decision not to charge four men who were arrested.

The prosecutor said: “In this case, the police had arrested four suspects following an incident which occurred outside your property on August 8, 2018, where you and your partner Natalie Cullen were assaulted and received injuries.

“Unfortunately, the police did not submit the case to the CPS for a decision until August 2019.

“When the case was reviewed by a lawyer they identified areas of missing evidence and further investigation was required.

“This was completed by the police in December 2019. The reviewing lawyer concluded that on the available evidence, no charges could be brought.”

After receiving the letter Michael and Natalie said they felt “disgusted”, and plan to appeal.

The police and CPS were contacted for comment.