A STUDENT is being tested for coronavirus after falling ill on campus.

In an email sent to University of Sussex students, it was revealed a student has been taken to hospital.

Video footage on social media appears to show an official in full protective overalls walking with a person towards an ambulance.

University chiefs said the student had been overseas and had informed health professionals of their concerns.

They said they want to avoid “speculation” and have sent an email to students.

In an email the university said: “We want to let you know that today a student on our campus has been admitted to hospital, to be tested for Coronavirus.  

“The student involved had returned recently from overseas and unfortunately started to feel unwell.  

“They took the wise decision to inform health professionals at an early opportunity and we will soon know the results of any tests.”

It follows other confirmed reports of coronavirus in the city, as health chiefs have struggled to keep the public informed of what has happened.

A doctors surgery has been closed, while a pub and community centre have gone into “self isolation” amid speculation about coronavirus spreading.

Meanwhile there are reports that a Portslade Aldridge Community Academy is also in self isolation.

Back at the University of Sussex, students were told: “We know that some students and staff will be aware that an ambulance arrived on campus this afternoon and so we wanted to make sure you are aware of the situation, to avoid speculation.  

“The University is following all the practical steps as outlined by Public Health England and is in touch with fellow students of the young person involved.

 “We are very conscious that this is a difficult time for our student and we are concerned at making sure they are supported.  

“We also please ask that we all continue to support each other during this time, particularly our students from overseas who are feeling a long way from home at the moment and at times vulnerable. 

 “We know this is worrying for our community, especially as there is a focus on Brighton in the media.” 

The university says planning has been done over the past week.

But anyone who requires information can email Health.Safety@sussex.ac.uk.