A NURSING home is closed to visitors after a GP with coronavirus met a patient there last week.

Two Brighton doctors have been diagnosed with coronavirus since the outbreak in the city.

A spokeswoman for Patcham Nursing Home in Brighton said: “One GP involved visited a week ago.


“The nursing home is closed for visitors. You can’t go in and out ­–­ imagine how many people are going in and out of a nursing home all day.

“This is just a precaution – nobody is unwell."

The spokeswoman said patients are having their temperatures checked regularly and are being monitored for symptoms.

She also said Public Health England is involved.

In a statement, she said: “It is important to state that no-one at the home is unwell. However, following the closure of the local GP surgery, as a precaution we have closed the home to all visitors.

"As a responsible care home and employer, we have put in place our own checks on residents and staff and Public Health England has confirmed it is happy with our actions.”