NURSES are in quarantine after treating a patient with a new suspected case of coronavirus, a source has told The Argus.

Two nurses treating a woman at The Haven in Mill View hospital, Hove, are staying in a room next door to the patient, the source said.

It is understood the patient had recently returned from Hong Kong.


The two nurses at the psychiatric hospital have been there since 8.30pm yesterday evening, the Argus was told.

They said they were told they should not leave. One of the nurses is said to be pregnant.

It comes after five people were confirmed to have the virus in the city.

The council held an emergency briefing today, where they told people to "wash their hands".

Public Health England said it would not comment on any new confirmed cases until 2pm tomorrow.

Sussex Partnership NHS trust initially refused to comment.

But just before 8pm, a spokesman for the trust said: "As is the case across the NHS, if we identify any individual displaying some of the symptoms consistent with coronavirus we will take proportionate, timely action in line with Public Health England guidance."