UNIVERSITY students have expressed their concerns at living in close proximity to a person with a suspected case of coronavirus.

People at the University of Sussex were informed on Monday afternoon that a student had been taken from the Falmer campus in an ambulance.

One student, known only as Chester, who is from China and lives in Lewes Court next to the affected first year, said: “I feel so bad because there are so many cases in China where I am from and now I’m in Brighton and the number of cases her keeps going up.

“There are now five people here living with it.


“I am wearing a mask to protect myself.

“All the Chinese people are staying in their homes and wearing masks.

“I am worried about what might happen.

“I don’t know the girl who is being tested but she lives in the same building as me. “

Psychology student Zoe May, 19, said: “It is a bit of a concern.

“The university has been really good at updating us but it is a worry how close everyone lives to each other if it does turn out to be a confirmed case.”

Second year journalism student Katya Pristyanti said: “I hope all universities are taking precautions and every safety measure they can provide to us all.”

Jess Dingle said: “There is definitely more anxiety around campus.

“I personally haven’t seen any preparation plans from the university.

“There needs to be more information given to the students in my opinion.”

A statement released by the university said: “A student on campus has been admitted to hospital to be tested for coronavirus. A case of the virus has not been confirmed at this point in time.

“The student involved had returned recently from overseas and unfortunately started to feel unwell.

“We are very conscious that this is a difficult time for our student and we are concerned at making sure they are supported.

“We also please ask that we all continue to support each other during this time, particularly our students from overseas who are feeling a long way from home at the moment and at times vulnerable. We know this is worrying for our community, especially as there is a focus on Brighton in the media.”

The University of Sussex’s Students’ Union also raised concerns about hate crime incidents on campus and in the city in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

“The Students’ Union has been made aware of students experiencing racism, hate crime and discrimination both on campus and in town,” a Students’ Union spokesman said.

“We find this deeply concerning and want our students to know that this behaviour is inexcusable.

“This is not conducive to a diverse and inclusive

Sussex and we believe in the strength of being a community.

“We want our students to feel safe and supported while at university.”

The Students’ Union encouraged victims of hate crimes to report incidents to them or the university.