TWO nurses are out of hospital quarantine and have been told to isolate themselves at home after treating a patient with a suspected case of coronavirus.

This is according to a source who told the Argus the nurses at The Haven in Mill View Hospital, Hove have been advised to remain in self-isolation for three days.

They were taken home yesterday evening by medical staff wearing face masks. Outisde the hospital, other staff were seen wearing hazmat suits.

The nurses have been told not to come into contact with anyone, including family, and to stay inside while the patient awaits test results.


The patient is believed to have returned from Hong Kong recently and was exhibiting symptoms consistent with the virus, the source said.

As of Tuesday afternoon, 1,358 people had been tested for coronavirus in the UK.

Eight were confirmed positive, and of those, five were in Brighton and Hove.

The two nurses at the psychiatric hospital had been treating the patient since 8.30pm on Monday evening, the Argus was told. One of the nurses is said to be pregnant.

Public Health England said it would not comment on any new confirmed cases until 2pm.

Yesterday, a spokesman for Sussex Partnership NHS trust said: "As is the case across the NHS, if we identify any individual displaying some of the symptoms consistent with coronavirus we will take proportionate, timely action in line with Public Health England guidance."