A PRIMARY school is telling parents that any absence from school over coronavirus fears will be recorded as "unauthorised". 

Bevendean Primary School, in Heath Hill Avenue, Brighton, sent the email to parents this morning.

Yesterday, it was announced by the school that one member of staff has been in close contact with someone who had been advised by Public Health England to self-isolate.

Today it announced that parents were expected to bring children to the school and that any absence would be recorded as "unauthorised".

It comes after the council’s chief executive said schools would not be closing.


At a press conference, held a at Hove Town Hall yesterday afternoon, Geoff Raw, said: "Public Heath England are saying that for the time being schools remain open, there is no need for schools to close.

"If parents are concerned, they ill do the best thing for their children I'm sure."

When Brighton and Hove City Council was asked for the authority's policy on taking children out of school, it replied: “The decision about whether to deal with an absence as authorised or unauthorised rests with individual schools. 

“Given Public Health England advice is that schools should remain open, our position is that absence should be treated as unauthorised but we respect this is a decision for individual schools based on their particular circumstances. 

"As such, we would support them in this.”

A parent at Bevendean Primary School, who asked not to be named, said: "We were told yesterday by a member of staff, who was at the school gates 'I wouldn’t send them in today' due to fears of the virus. 

"Today the school have emailed stating that students have to return otherwise they will go down as unauthorised absence. 

"Many parents are concerned about the virus."

Eight schools across Sussex have confirmed they had people who are in self isolation. 

These are Portslade Aldridge Community Academy (PACA), Varndean School, Cottesmore St. Mary's Catholic Primary School and Hangleton Primary School, Carden Primary School and two Eastbourne schools.