A CAFE owner says graffiti gets scrawled on every available spot in his street.

Dominic Ponton, who owns The Laine Deli in Trafalgar Street, Brighton, took matters into his own hands after graffiti was sprayed across the cafe wall.

He said: “There’s one particular patch on our wall which gets sprayed on a lot with graffiti.

“I’ve got an outside area and it’s right where people sit.

“I have contacted the council and the police about in the past but not a lot happens, so today I’m painting over it myself.

“In this area every wall gets written on. It’s a pandemic really.”

Mr Ponton has CCTV footage of the perpetrator in the act of spraying their graffiti tag during the early hours on Monday, but said he has not yet contacted police.

Instead he has prioritised removing the scrawl of green paint, which measures between three and four feet across the white wall.

Mr Ponton said: “I haven’t contacted police yet, as from previous experience I know that not a lot gets done.

“It’s a case of clearing it as quickly as possible because it’s not a nice environment for customers to sit in.

“It’s quite an inconvenience for a small business.

Mr Ponton, who has been running The Laine Deli for almost nine years, said he believes the graffiti problem has got worse in the area.

He said: “Trafalgar Lane is right next to our shop and there’s a lot of graffiti down there, but it’s accepted there – it’s a kind of art.

“But when it breaks out and has been scrawled over the side of a business, that’s different.”

Mr Ponton believes there should be harsher punishments for people caught spraying graffiti.

He said: “I read about someone who was prosecuted, but they only ended up doing a day of community service. When people are caught there should be more of a punishment and a fine.”

Just last month The Laine Deli also suffered a break-in, as a gang of five thieves stole an iPad, a phone and a camera.

Mr Ponton said break-ins are an “ongoing problem” in the area.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: “It is important for people to report all incidents of crime so that we are aware of incidents in the area. We pass information to our local policing teams and update our crime and intelligence IT system.

“We are supporting Brighton and Hove City Council with their strategy to deal with graffiti in the city and will become involved if any information comes to light that would provide a realistic investigative opportunity.”