A CAT was cast onto the streets after her loving owner died.

Coco was forced to fend for herself in Brighton when a grieving family member locked her out of her home in Brighton.

The black cat had previously been heavily domesticated and was known as an affectionate and loving pet.

So the sudden and stark lifestyle change hit her hard and she struggled to survive on the streets.

Already confused by the loss of her beloved owner, she was spotted by another relative of her former owner as she repeatedly revisiting her home.

The concerned family member called charity group Cats Protection in a bid to save the mourning moggy.

A team from the organisation travelled to Brighton but struggled to capture Coco, who had become scared and wary of other people approaching her.

After several failed attempts, they were finally able to rescue her on a wild and windy December evening.

She was so tired and hungry by that point that they were able to entice her into a cat trap using food.

Though she was cautious initially, Coco responded well to treatment and quickly became close to Cats Protection volunteers who said that “from her clear ease with human contact, it was obvious that she was used to receiving affection from her former owner.”


Heather McKenzie, publicity lead at Cats Protection’s Brighton and District branch, said: “Coco was obviously a much-loved pet, who struggled to cope on the streets.

“Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, we were able to ensure, that once again, Coco could become part of a loving home.”

She won over visitors to the centre with her friendly demeanour and was soon adopted, become the first Brighton cat to be rehomed in 2020.

But Cats Protection said she was “one of the lucky ones” with many cats cast out and left to fend for themselves after being abandoned after the death of their owners.

The charity urged people to join its Cat Guardians scheme, which ensures cats are taken into care if anything happens to their owner.

Cat Guardians marketing manager Becky Tichband said: “We know your cat means the world to you, which is why Cats Protection promises to be there for them after you’re gone. By registering with our free Cat Guardians service you can be assured that, after you pass away, our caring staff and volunteers will look after your cat until we find them a loving new home.”

Cats protection is the UK’s largest cat charity and helps more than 500 felines each day. However, it relies on donations and also people coming forward to adopt a cat.