WOMEN described their shock at a “creepy” pervert who approached them while exposing his penis.

Lee Davidoff walked close to the lone women as they walked in Chichester early in the morning.

The 50-year-old “smirked” at the women as he approached them, Brighton Crown Court heard.

But he appeared in court for his behaviour, as he was in breach of an order to prevent him exposing himself in public, made by Norwich Crown Court.

Davidoff “targeted” the women when they were alone, Judge Anne Arnold noted.

They were fearful that children were also nearby and might have seen his “flaccid” appendage.

The judge jailed Davidoff for one year and eight months, and imposed a new sexual harm prevention order.

“This order prohibits you from being unclothed from the waist down, or exposing your genitals in an area to which the public has access, save for male toilet facilities,” the judge said.

Sophie Evans, prosecuting, said Davidoff was spotted walking in the North Walls area of Chichester city centre.

She said: “The victim noticed a man walking towards her 15 feet away, and noticed his penis was hanging out of his trousers.

“She didn’t want to look at it, but recalls he gave her a creepy smile.”

Another woman on the same day nearby spotted Davidoff with his hands around his penis, Ms Evans said.

One victim said: “I looked over his head, but could still see him smirking. There was a lady nearby with her child, I wanted to say something but at the same time couldn’t, I didn’t want to alarm her.

“I knew he needed to be arrested. What if it had been my daughter? What if he got away with it?”

There were a further two incidents, which put him in breach of a suspended sentence for the same offences in Norwich.

Josie Sonessa, defending, said Davidoff has learning difficulties, and questioned whether prison would be the right place for him to address his issues.

But Judge Arnold said Davidoff had a “dismal” record of complying unpaid work and community rehabilitation, and questioned why the probation service had not punished him for breaching the orders.

She said had probation stepped in earlier, it might have stopped the latest spate of offences.

The judge said the probation service’s explanation for not prosecuting Davidoff “wholly unsatisfactory”.

She said: “It is extremely concerning that nothing has been done. Maybe it is because nothing has been done that we are back here.

“There is no doubt that you targeted lone women where they might be isolated.

“There are no grounds to say it would be unjust to activate your suspended sentence.

“I have a duty to protect the public.”

Davidoff, of no fixed address, was put under a sexual harm prevention order for ten years, and on the sex offenders register for the same period.

Speaking after the sentencing hearing, Detective Sergeant Debbie Ricks said: "Davidoff was a persistent offender who had not taken advantage of attempts to help manage his behaviour by the police, probation and the courts.

"We took prompt action and traced him when his further offensive behaviour, which caused distress and alarm to the women involved, was reported."