A BABY has become the youngest suspected coronavirus case.

The eight-month-old has “all the coronavirus symptoms” and has been put into quarantine with his mother.

They are suspected to have caught the bug in Worthing, where an A&E doctor was confirmed with the virus, now called Covid-19, on Tuesday.

The baby’s father who asked not to be named, told the Telegraph: “We’re in hell, completely petrified.

“My ex-partner keeps breaking down in tears.

“We’re staying in the house and giving the kids Calpol and paracetamol, but nothing’s working.

“My little boy has haemophilia and a lung condition so he’s already poorly.”

Meanwhile, public health officials are trying to track down a dozen patients treated by the GP last week over fears they may have caught the disease in Worthing Hospital.

The news came as the first coronavirus case was confirmed in the capital – a woman who had flown into London from China three days before.

She is reported to have taken an Uber to Lewisham hospital after experiencing symptoms.

The woman is the only new confirmed case in the UK since Monday.

That is according to the Department of Health which has completed tests on 2,521 people nationwide.

Hove MP Peter Kyle said those from Brighton who were infected by businessman Steve Walsh in France are “doing well”.

Mr Walsh, from Hove, has now recovered.

Mr Kyle also said health authorities should be more communicative about the virus.

Meanwhile, the city’s largest employer, American Express, has told its employees that people who have visited certain counties will not be allowed into work.

The financial services company, in John Street, Brighton, said employees who have recently been to countries including Hong Kong and China would not be able to work in the building.

American Express, which employs thousands, has instructed those people to work from home for 14 days.

Elsewhere in the city, questions are being asked about a student who fell ill at the University of Sussex (UoS) on Monday.

Mystery still surrounds the case of the Falmer campus student who was picked up by medical staff in hazmat suits.

One parent, who asked not be named, is furious that students had been “kept in the dark” about the case.

The UoS said it was waiting for the outcome of the student's test for the disease. 

Worldwide, there are now a total of 60,363 cases – about 15,000 more than the previous day’s total.

The total number of deaths is confirmed as 1,370.

A total of 6,285 people have recovered.