A RACIST spouted a torrent of abuse towards a mixed race police community support officer.

Samuel Hilton was seen “loitering” by Brighton’s Churchill Square Shopping Centre when two PCSOs decided to approach him.

They wanted to ask the 31-year-old what he was up to but he took an immediate dislike to PCSO Jamal Robinson.


“Why don’t you f*** off on your banana boat back to where you came from,” Hilton ranted.

He bombarded Mr Robinson with racist slurs and abuse in front of shocked shoppers, Brighton Magistrates’ Court heard.

Martina Sherlock, prosecuting, said the incident happened in October last year at 11.15am.

She said: “Samuel Hilton took an immediate dislike to PCSO Jamal Robinson.

“It was within full view of a number of members of the public at the time who saw Samuel Hilton racially abusing him.

“It caused them to be alarmed and distressed.”

The PCSOs called for back up, and Hilton, of Percival Terrace, Brighton, was arrested.

At interview he admitted using the words attributed to him.

Ms Sherlock said: “He seemed to have a major issue with the fact that the PCSOs had stopped to talk to him.”

Later, in custody, Hilton verbally abused other officers interviewing him.

He said: “You are a f****** melt, an idiot Uncle Tom.”

Ms Sherlock said: “The officer could not see where this outburst had come from as he had been polite.

“He attempted to defend himself from the abuse and said he had an uncle who is mixed race.

“Samuel Hilton told him to ‘f*** off t***, I’m not being told by some f***wit boy in a Lacoste T-shirt’.

“That is a full flavour of Samuel Hilton’s demeanour during the incident and interview.”


Hilton’s lawyer said he suffers from mental health problems including post traumatic stress and anxiety.

He is currently awaiting a diagnosis from doctors.

Magistrate Mark Durrell agreed to adjourn the case while the psychiatric report is prepared.

Hilton admitted intending to cause PCSO Jamal Robinson harassment, alarm or distress by using threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour or disorder that was racially aggravated.

He will next appear at Brighton Magistrates’ Court for sentence on February 28.