A JEALOUS boyfriend battered, bit and choked his partner in a row over an Instagram picture.

Adam McKeon was angry the woman had liked a former boyfriend’s post on the social media app in Crawley.

After a week of arguments he branded her a “whore” before violently attacking her.

He grabbed he hair and “shook her like a ragdoll”, a court heard.

The 22-year-old was interrupted when neighbours heard the shouting and police officers arrived and Tasered him.

He had downed bleach during the tirade.

McKeon’s defence team argued that he has suffered trauma from childhood through witnessing domestic violence.

At Brighton Crown Court McKeon admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm and was jailed for one year.

Christopher Prior, prosecuting, said McKeon had gone on the run to Durham after the incident on September 25 last year at Delfont Close, Crawley.

He said McKeon had supported the woman when she had split up from a previous abusive relationship, and the two had become friends.

But he became jealous when she liked a post from a former boyfriend on Instagram.

McKeon accused her of cheating on him, which she denied over several days.

Mr Prior said: “She tried to keep her distance as things escalated. He came into the kitchen with a knife.

“He cut his own fingers and burned his hand on a frying pan, then took hold of her hair, punching her to the face five or six times. He shook her like a rag doll.

“When he put his hands over her she bit him, and he bit her over the back of her ear. She was begging him to stop.

“At one stage he threw her onto the bed, sat astride her and was choking her, grabbing her throat. She fought him off.”

The victim said: “I feel that after everything I had been through together with him, for him to do this to me is so painful. I’m not sure I can get through it.

“I loved him and thought he loved me. I just want him to get help.”

Andrew Stephens, defending, said McKeon witnessed domestic violence as a child, and drank bleach as he was disgusted with his own actions.

He asked Judge Shani Barnes to impose a suspended sentence to allow McKeon to attend the Building Better Relationships programme and address his issues.

But Judge Barnes disagreed and said McKeon, of Ferry Hill, County Durham, has had chances for suspended sentences in the past and has failed to comply.

She jailed him for one year.