A CLEANING boss claims an apparent clean-up of a possible coronavirus case at a GP surgery could in fact have spread the disease.

Footage of a bio-hazard technician appeared as he cleared the County Oak Medical Centre in Carden Hill, Brighton.

He wore overalls and gloves and was seen mopping the floor inside the surgery earlier this week as two doctors were confirmed to have the virus.

The surgery was shut to patients while it was cleaned up and sanitised.


But now, Shayne Warden said the efforts “defeated the whole purpose” of decontaminating the area.

The managing director of a London cleaning firm claimed the operator was in fact more likely to be spreading the virus than he was to be killing it.

Mr Warden said the workman didn’t appear to have the correct personal protective equipment and said he believed the man was wearing a dust mask.

He said: “In reference to the picture, I’m dismayed by the fact that the bio-hazard technician portrayed is defeating the whole purpose of decontaminating and sanitising the facility.

“The operator is, in fact, spreading the virus, and is at risk of contracting the disease.

“He does not appear to have the correct protective equipment, and seems to be wearing the incorrect mask, a dust mask.

“The gloves do not appear to fit properly, they should cover the wrist area of the white overall suit. He should have several layers of gloves underneath. Green gloves are not the proper chemical resistant gloves.

“His suit does not appear to be a hazardous materials suit, but merely a cheap coverall, and those are not hazardous materials shoes.

“Finally, the virus is not contained by wiping or mopping as shown in the picture. By wiping and mopping, you are actually spreading the virus if the incorrect chemicals are used.”

The CICS Ltd boss said he questioned the company’s cleaning methods.

He said: “There is a need to ensure compliance with government legislation and regulations regarding safety of employees, the public, the environment and disposal of biohazard waste.”

Public Health England was approached for comment