A HEARTBROKEN owner has described her pain after her beloved cat was “attacked by an animal killer”.

Sandy Mickeon, 63, found her “friendly and loving” Russian Blue called Minnie outside her neighbour’s garden without her head or front legs.

She has come forward to warn other owners and appeal for evidence after charity Snarl claimed she had been killed by a UK-wide animal killer.

Mrs Mickeon, who lives in Rustington Road, Hollingbury, said: “We are in pieces – totally devastated.

“Minnie would know if you were upset and would sit on our lap and purr.

“We woke up in the morning and she wasn’t there.

“We searched our house high and low before we went out into the garden and found her outside our neighbour’s gate.

“Her head was cut off completely as well as her front legs and tail. Just her body and back legs were left.”

Minnie, who had lived with the heartbroken family for 12 years, was found last Wednesday.

Mrs Mickeon has been working with Snarl to gather evidence and warn people in the area.

She said plant pots had been moved the night of the incident which “seemed like the person used them to get into my neighbour’s garden”.

Mrs Mickeon added: “My neighbours have been really helpful.

“Snarl have been wonderful, I don’t know what we would have managed without them.

“If anyone in our street (Rustington Road) could come forward if they have CCTV I would be very grateful.”

A spokeswoman for Snarl said: “Minnie’s injuries are consistent with those we have seen before in connection with our investigation into the ‘UK Animal Killer” and following a veterinary examination it was concluded they were likely to have been caused by a person and not an animal.

“We are in touch with Sussex Police and are working very hard behind the scenes to catch the individual(s) responsible.”

If anyone has any information, ring snarl on 020 8058 7778.

It can also be contacted on snarlinvestigation@gmail.com.

The UK Animal Killer is not related to the case of Steve Bouquet who is charged with 16 counts of criminal damage, relating to the deaths of nine cats, and injuries to seven others.