SUSSEX is bracing itself for heavy rain and flooding across the country as Storm Dennis sweeps in.

Some parts of the country could see up to six inches of rain over the weekend as yellow and amber weather warnings are in force.

The storm is expected to bring widespread, heavy and persistent rain across much of the country today and tomorrow.


Yellow and amber weather warnings are in place as the system develops in the North Atlantic before tracking eastward toward the UK.

The heavy rain comes after Storm Ciara battered the country last weekend bringing widespread disruption.

These weather forecasts show the "total accumulated precipitation" areas in Sussex will see over the weekend. The numbers refer to millimetres of rain.

Rain is expected to be heavier in localised areas.

Saturday - Midday

By midday, spells of rain are predicted to become heavier and more persistent.

At 12pm, the amber weather warning for rain will be in effect for the whole of Sussex, meaning flooding and disruption is likely.

The Argus:

(Image: WX Charts)

Saturday - 3pm

By 3pm on Saturday, rainfall will be becoming heavier as predicted from Storm Dennis.

These will only increase as the day goes on. The picture below shows that 2mm of rain is expected to have fallen by mid afternoon in Sussex.

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(Image: WX Charts)

Saturday - 6pm

By 6pm on Saturday, some parts of Sussex will have already picked up 5mm of rain.

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Saturday - 9pm

By 9pm on Saturday, both the amber and yellow weather warnings for rain and wind will remain in effect.

Rain is likely to continue for many locations overnight, meaning accumulations will increase, as well as the risk for flooding.

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Sunday - 6am

After a full day of persistent rain on Saturday, homes and businesses will be at risk for flooding.

Heavy rain may lead to transport troubles and may leave homes and businesses cut off by flooded roads.

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Sunday - Midday

Just hours before the amber weather warning for rain comes to an end, rainfall totals will be reaching 1-2 inches in many parts of the country.

Higher localised amounts will be possible as the storm continues, particularly on higher ground.

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Sunday - 6pm

By 6pm, the amber weather warning for rain will have ended in Sussex.

A yellow weather warning for wind, however, will continue until 9pm.

Rivers and streams are likely to be running highest at this point, after two days of persistent rainfall.

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Natural Resources Sussex said river and surface water flooding is "possible widely" across the county from later on Saturday through to Sunday.

Chances of flooding are higher in upland areas of the county.

They said there is a "medium risk" of flooding over Saturday and Sunday, returning to "low risk" on Monday.

Forecasters have warned that homes and businesses could be flooded, and delays or cancellations to public transport are possible.

Spray and flooding could cause difficult driving conditions and some communities could be cut off by floods.