AN award-winning sound artist and composer, is to premiere his latest art project, Points Of Departure, at Shoreham Port later this year.

Ray Lee’s installation and walking tour of the artwork is being run as part of the Brighton Festival, the biggest and most established annual multi-arts festival in England.

It takes place across the city and further afield for three weeks each May.

Best known for his worldwide hit Siren, Ray Lee has been producing innovative sound art performances and installations for the past 25 years.

He creates spinning, whirling and pendulous sound installations that explore themes such as the development of technology, and the way science represents our view of the universe.

In Points Of Departure, his moving sculptures will be brought together for the first time against the atmospheric industrial landscape of Shoreham Port at night.

During ten days in May, the large-scale metal structures will emit whirling red lights and sing a sci-fi symphony as they spin.

Tickets for the hour-long evening trails will be available via the Brighton Festival’s website and cost £12.50.