ONLY one confirmed UK case of coronavirus is still being treated in hospital.

NHS England and NHS Improvement said on Saturday that eight people who had tested positive for Covid-19 had left hospital following two negative tests each.

Five people in the Brighton and Hove area contracted the virus – all linked to “super spreader” Steve Walsh, of Hove, who was allowed home from hospital on Tuesday.

It is still not known whether a University of Sussex student taken to hospital by ambulance on Monday is a confirmed case.

All 94 people in quarantine at Arrowe Park Hospital on the Wirral have also been released.

They had been kept in isolation there after returning to the UK from China, the centre of the outbreak.

More than 100 people remain at the Kents Hill Park Hotel in Milton Keynes, the NHS added.

Professor Keith Willett, NHS strategic incident director, said: “The last guests have left Arrowe Park Hospital and I would once again like to thank them for the calm, patient and responsible way that they have responded to what must have been a trying situation.

“Over the coming weeks many more of us may need to spend some time at home to reduce the spread of the virus and they have set a great example.

“I would like to thank all those NHS staff and partners, as well as Public Health England, who have worked so hard to make their stay as comfortable as possible, those still caring for guests in Milton Keynes, and all the doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals who have successfully treated patients at other hospitals.

“We must not forget the local residents, council staff, volunteers and numerous others who have rallied round to help our guests in their time of need. Thank you all.”

Questions remain over the continued risks of the virus in Sussex.

Dozens of people who came into contact with those who contracted the bug were advised by Public Health England to self-isolate for at least 14 days and could still potentially pass on the infection.

Brighton GP Catriona Greenwood, her husband Bob Saynor and their nine-year-old son were all infected as result of contact with Steve Walsh.

Five people are thought to have been contaminated at a ski chalet in the Alps owned by the Saynors.

An eight-month-old baby was being tested for the virus after coming into contact with the virus in Worthing. The child’s condition is not yet known.