A BABY boy who was feared to be Britain's youngest coronavirus sufferer has been given the all clear.

A doctor treating the eight-month-boy for a leg injury in hospital tested positive for the virus last week.

Terrified mother Stephanie Adlam, 28, self-isolated herself, baby James and his four-year-old sister Lexi after being told her son had come into "direct and significant" contact with the infected medic at Worthing hospital.

She said the family are "jumping for joy" after tests by doctors confirmed that James did not have the virus.

He had been taken to hospital after cutting his knee, which concerned his mother as he suffers from haemophilia.

"After everything we've been through - the panic, the terror - it's a huge weight off our shoulders," a relieved Stephanie said to The Sun.

"We still have to stay indoors until next week but we are jumping for joy. It's been a really crazy week, I can't put it into words.

"I'm just so relieved it's all over and my family are going to be OK."

James had been suffering severe symptoms including a high temperature, coughing fits, running nose and extreme fatigue. The baby also has a pre-existing lung condition.

The GP in question is from Brighton and had holidayed with "super-spreader" Stephen Walsh.

Father-of-two Mr Walsh caught coronavirus in Singapore then unwittingly passed it onto 11 people - including a group of doctors - while skiing in France.

The doctor's identity is being kept secret.

Ms Adlam has urged the government and health bosses to act with more immediacy and get on top of the crisis.

More than 64,000 people have been diagnosed with the virus worldwide, and nine cases have been confirmed so far in Britain.