POP-punk stalwarts Bowling For Soup brought their Together Again! Your Welcome! Tour to the Brighton Centre on Saturday night.

Opening the evening were Not Ur Girlfrienz, an all-girl band (signed to BFS’s Jarred’s record label) who blasted out solid pop punk songs including a cover of My Chemical Romance hit I’m Not Okay.

Next up, Simple Plan bounded on to the stage and instantly had everyone bouncing. From the front to the back, they brought the – now sizeable – crowd to life playing a rapid fire set mixed with a couple of newer songs, but mainly pulling out the hits – Welcome To My Life being a particularly loud sing-a-long.

With the crowd now very warm, Bowling For Soup took the stage to aptly named Here Come Bowling For Soup! The crowd sing Sucker Punch back at the band like it’s still 1998.

The band rattled at break neck speed through High School Never Ends complete with Confetti cannons and the crowd lap it up.

Between each song the band treated the crowd to a chat and, at times, a short stand up comedy set which although amusing, killed the momentum somewhat.

Despite this, they chugged through their back catalogue, much to the enjoyment of the crowd. Playing Girl All The Bad Guys Want and new viral single Alexa Bliss (a song written about WWE wrestler Alexa Bliss who is a fan) the crowd sang along to every word that Jarred sings.

The self appreciation kings continued on their jaunt through their history even finding time to have an official “musically enhanced” photo opportunity, which again killed any momentum.

Finishing the main set with Punk Rock 101, the band headed towards the back of the stage, where their on-stage barman had drinks ready before their encore of 1985 and A Really Cool Dance Song.

Bowling For Soup have a solid catalogue of pop-Punk hits in their arsenal.

It is a shame they don’t have the energy to produce the consistent tempo that a full hour and a half show requires.

It was a really solid show and for any BFS fan, it was ace.

But for those who were there for the energy, and to have a dance, they warmed up brilliantly with the supports before falling a little flat during Bowling For Soup.

Matthew Cousins