THIS is the hilarious moment a man leaned on a weak wooden fence which gave way under him and he ended up face down in the mud.

Steve Cloonan, 67, was in left stitches when he shot the footage of his brother-in-law, Robert Hughes, also 67, ambling around his yard after a morning horse ride.

Robert can be seen kicking his heels and walking about the yard, before he approached a fence on the opposite side.

Robert leans on a wooden post and rail fence, but failed to notice it had been broken by a restless horse - and fell face first into the muddy paddock.

Retired HGV driver Steve, from Hastings, said: "He just came back from riding the horses and he was waiting in the yard.

"He was looking inside the stable before and started walking towards the fence. He then went went to lean on it and fell straight over.

"It was hilarious.

"It was just one of those moments that really cracks you up.

"He wasn't hurt, he just fell face first into the mud."

The video was filmed in Hastings.