A THUG chased women in the street with a shard of glass and attacked them.

Connor Attridge hit one woman in the head and assaulted another at Parkfield Avenue in Hampden Park, Eastbourne.

The dispute then spilled into a neighbouring property where he attacked a third woman.

He thrusted the shard of glass towards one of

the women during the tirade, but did not manage to stab her.

At Lewes Crown Court, Attridge was jailed for two years after he admitted assault, possession of cocaine and possession of an offensive weapon.

Previously, he admitted the charges at Brighton

Magistrates’ Court, where it was revealed the incident happened on January 13.

Police received calls concerned about the safety of two women inside a property in Parkfield Avenue.

Attridge was known to the women, police said.

One of them sustained a minor injury to the head.

Police said unemployed Attridge, 26, of Hyde Gardens, Eastbourne, also threatened members of the public who were on their way to pick up their children from a primary school.

In a statement the force said: “Officers had been called to Parkfield Avenue at 2.41pm on January 13 due to concerns for two women inside a property.

“Attridge, who was known to the women, had become angry and started assaulting one of them, causing minor injuries to her head.

“The dispute carried over into a neighbouring property, where Attridge assaulted a third woman and smashed a mirror.

“Armed with a shard of glass, Attridge then chased the two women he knew from the address out into the street.

“He assaulted the second woman by thrusting the glass at her stomach but fortunately, due to her thick clothing, it did not cause any serious injury.

“He then punched her twice to the head.

“Attridge also used the shard of glass to threaten nearby members of the public, including parents on their way to pick their children up from a local primary school.”

Police arrested him at the scene, where he was then taken to hospital for treatment to a number of minor self-inflicted wounds.

As well as being jailed for a total of two years, Attridge was put under a restraining order not to contact the women and banning him from Parkfield Avenue for three years.