UNRULY youths brawled with passengers and a conductor on board a train.

The teenagers reportedly kicked and bit a group travelling from Worthing towards Durrington in the early hours of Sunday morning.

One man who was attacked said he had gone to a gig but ended up “having a scrap” with the goading yobs.

The incident was filmed on mobile phones, he said.

British Transport Police were called and have started an investigation.

Meanwhile Southern Rail said its on-board supervisor was also attacked.

The passenger who was attacked wrote on Facebook: “So after an awesome gig and many drinks last night, I ended up in a scrap on the train with a couple of s*****s no older than 16 at 1am between Worthing and Durrington.

“One of these scumbags ended up biting me without me realising.

“This isn’t a sympathy post, just trying to find out who they are.

“They had a group of girls with them, all about the same age, all filming the whole thing.

“They were trying to prompt a reaction from us, before deciding to kick someone in the face.”

The man shared pictures of a large bite mark on his arm.

He said video footage would probably end up online and police are looking to identify suspects.

The man said he was with three friends and he described them in case witnesses saw the video footage – two are pale with white hair and the third has short dark hair and was wearing a blue jacket.

He praised British Transport Police for their reaction so far.

The force said: “We were called at 1.10am on February 16 following an assault on board a train between Worthing and Durrington station.

“Two people are reported to have been attacked. Both suffered injuries with one of the victims being bitten.

“Officers are liaising with the victims and an investigation is ongoing.”

Meanwhile Southern’s customer services director Chris Fowler said: “A group of youths assaulted passengers on a train at Durrington-on-Sea station at around 1.10am on Sunday night.

“Our on-board supervisor intervened and was also assaulted.

“The youths then fled. British Transport Police searched the area but were unable to find them.

“Our on-board supervisor considered that they did not need medical assistance but was taken on to our ‘chain of care programme’, as is standard procedure for such incidents.

“We urge anyone with information that might be helpful to contact the British Transport Police on 0800 405040.”