A CAMPAIGNER claims the council is refusing to give homeless people water.

Jim Deans, from the Sussex Homeless Support charity, said he has been pleading with Brighton and Hove City Council officials since September to let him use the water pump near Black Rock.

The activist set up and helps run converted buses at the Brighton seafront spot which provide shelter for homeless people.

He claimed a nearby water pump was turned off before the buses moved there.

And he claims he has spent months pleading with the council to switch it back on.

The council said there was no agreement to provide water.

Mr Deans said: “All we are asking the council for is some humanity – to let us use the water.

“They have not responded to a single email.

“I cannot understand the motive of someone in the council blocking us from getting water.”

The charity’s two buses were moved ahead from their previous spot in Madeira Drive ahead of the Brighton Speed Trials motoring event in September.

Mr Deans believed the new spot, which is further eastwards towards the Marina, would come with access to the water pump.

But, he said, the pump 20 feet away from the buses has been switched off and the council will not switch it back on.

He said: “We would not have moved anywhere if we thought we would not get any water.

“The guys are having to fill up ten litre water containers, walking across to the Marina every night.

“Sometimes they have to walk twice depending on how much water we are using.”

A Brighton and Hove City Council spokesman said: “There has previously been discussion but no agreement for us to supply Mr Deans’ buses with water.

“His service operates separately from the council, and outside our control.

“Mr Deans has not recently approached the council asking for access to water.

“We will arrange to meet with him to discuss his concerns.”

Nearly 900 people have been found sleeping rough in Brighton and Hove over the past two years.

The figures were included in a report to councillors at a meeting where they approved a new strategy to tackle homelessness and rough sleeping in the city.

The council’s housing committee also agreed to set up a “homeless reduction board” as part of the new strategy.