CAROLINE LUCAS is under investigation by the Standards Commissioner.

The Green MP for Brighton Pavilion is being investigated for an alleged breach of House of Commons rules after offering tours of Parliament in exchange for money in the 2019 General Election campaign.

Ms Lucas told The Argus she did not believe she had done anything wrong and said it would be inappropriate to comment further.

The alleged breach relates to a 2019 campaign fundraiser called “Put Caroline Lucas back in Parliament alongside more Green MPs”.

Those who donated money to the fundraiser were eligible for a number of “perks”.

People who paid £150 were eligible for a “personal guided tour of House of Commons” for 30 minutes.

Hove resident Stuart Bower, 69, posted a written complaint to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards about the fundraiser.

He said: “How can it be right for an MP to boost their income by charging a fee?

“It is unethical – when you accept public office you should know your conduct is under constant security and you must refrain from doing anything which could bring public office into disrepute.

“Charging a fee and boosting your income to take people around the House of Commons is bringing the office into disrepute.”

Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards Kathryn Stone wrote back to Mr Bower in a letter seen by The Argus, stating that: “I have decided not to begin an inquiry into your complaint because an overlapping matter is already under inquiry.

“When the matter has been concluded my decision, the reasons for it and the relevant evidence will be published.”

Ms Lucas said: “I’m aware that a case against me has been brought to the Commissioner and an investigation is currently under way.

“I do not believe I have done anything wrong.

“I have been advised that the Commissioner’s investigations are confidential so it would not be appropriate for me to say anything more at this time.”

Tours around the houses from a “knowledgeable guide” can be bought for £26.50. However, people can book a free guided tour by contacting their MP or a member of the House of Lords.

The Code of Conduct and related rules of the House state: “Members are reminded that the rules of the House apply to any tours which they or their office arrange, and that the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards may investigate if there is sufficient evidence of a breach of the rules. Members must not offer tours of the House or of the Elizabeth Tower or Big Ben in raffles or auctions.

“Members are reminded that tours on the Parliamentary estate which would otherwise be available at nil cost (for example, public tours of the Visitor Route) should under no circumstances be offered as raffle or auction prizes.”

A number of other items, listed on the crowdfunding advert as “perks”, were also available.

Those splashing out £250 would be treated to “lunch with Caroline” where she would join you for lunch and a chat somewhere in Brighton.

For £100, the former Green Party leader would bake you a cake.

The fundraiser stated: “Not just a dab hand in the Commons, but also in the kitchen, Caroline will bake you a tasty treat.”

Caroline Lucas merchandise could also be obtained, including signed T-shirts for £50, a Green Party cup for £40 and a thank you letter for £25.

It also stated that the fundraised money would be used to help re-elect Caroline Lucas in Brighton Pavilion.

Money would also be used to attempt to elect Ollie Sykes to Hove and Portslade and Alexandra Phillips to Brighton Kemptown.

At the time of the Crowdfunder, the Electoral Commission said: “Candidate can offer services for donations.

“Regarding something like a tour of the House of Commons however, that would be a matter for the House.”