WALLACE and Gromit, Morph, Sooty and Sweep – all these and more will feature in an exhibition celebrating children’s television at the Pavilion Cafe in Eastbourne's Royal Parade.

There are a range of nostalgic childhood favourites spanning 70 years, from Muffin the Mule to Thunderbirds.

The free exhibition, called Animazing, will also allow budding puppeteers to try their hand at bringing these characters to life.

Visitors can also try making sound effects, creating stop-motion animation and presenting their own TV show.

They will also get a glimpse behind the scenes as magicians reveal the secrets to some of their tricks.

And they’ll have a chance to film a flying sequence using a green screen studio projection.

Organisers said the exhibition represents a “fun, educational experience”, showing the evolution of the art of animation.

The exhibition will explore early humans’ attempts at “moving” cave paintings, the Victorians’ love of optical toys and modern day visual effects and animation techniques.

The exhibition is free and now open from 10am to 4pm every day, with extended opening hours from 10am to 5pm from Sunday, March 29, onwards.