A BBC newsreader said she was attacked moments before she was due to go on air.

BBC South East’s political editor Lauren Moss was due to speak on air in Brighton when a man threw a cup of hot chocolate at her yesterday morning.

She revealed that the man went on to hurl abuse at her about how he hated the BBC.

While admitting that she had been left distressed over the incident, Moss also pointed out that the “anti-media feeling” in the country is “very concerning for anyone in the industry”.

Taking to Twitter after the incident, she wrote: “Pretty distressing day in Brighton so far. A member of the public threw a cup of hot chocolate at me and screamed abuse about how he hates the BBC, literally moments before I went on air for @bbcsoutheast this lunchtime.

“Luckily the drink missed my face and hit my coat instead.”

She added: “Someone may not approve of my work or who I work for but I am a journalist just doing my job. Anti-media feeling like this is very concerning for anyone in the industry.”

Other Twitter users took to comment in support of Moss.

One tweeted: “That’s absolutely horrendous.”

While another commented: “That’s truly dreadful. Shame on them.”

A third remarked: “Goodness am so sorry - the mad hatred washing around ...glad it was just your coat..”

“That sounds really horrible, I hope you’re OK,” ANOTHER WROTE.

A BBC spokesperson said: “Nothing is more important than the safety of our staff. This has been reported to the police.”