A BOXER previously dubbed “Britain’s worst” has decided to quit the sport for good – after getting fed up with receiving abusive messages online.

Rockin’ Robin Deakin, 33, has decided to call it a day following a series of hateful barbs from trolls on social media.

The fighter famously lost 51 bouts in a row across nine years after winning his first in 2006, leading to some calling him the worst in the nation.

He lost his official licence to box several years ago because he kept getting bashed about.

He went into bareknuckle brawling instead – but has now stopped that too.

Robin decided to call time after 14 years in the ring because of the horrible messages on his accounts and has become a fishmonger instead.

He said: “I can’t deal with it. I’ve had messages on Twitter and messages on Instagram.

“If you are the best or the worst you get stick no matter what.

“They put you down because they haven’t got the guts to do it.

“One bad comment can make you feel really low. It can ruin the whole day.

“No matter how hard I try and how much I put myself out there to be the best, someone puts you down.

“I have had so many negative comments – what’s the point? It really gets to me.

“If I have grandchildren I can at least say I have been there and done it. I’m not someone that talks – at least I have done it.”

The light welterweight said messages included comments such as “why don’t you give up? You are s***. Why are you carrying on?”.

He said: “If they think that they can find me and tell me where they are, let’s meet up and have it out.”

Robin, from Horsham, said he would contemplate one last fight to bow out on his terms but only if they money was right.

He achieved his second win in 2015, leaving him with a record of an overall record of two wins and 53 losses.