A CONVICT was dragged back before the courts for failing to show up for unpaid work.

Charlie Jupp was convicted for a rampage in Western Road, Hove, where he attacked police officers.

When in custody he smeared his own excrement in his cell, which required a £200 clean up afterwards.

The 23-year-old previously admitted his crimes in May last year and posed for his photograph as he left Brighton Magistrates’ Court, right.

It was revealed he had grabbed a bicycle and thrown it and shouted abuse outside the Bees Mouth pub.

He was “goading for a fight, aggressively shouting and swearing and punching at somebody”, a police officer reported.

In a separate incident he also admitted sending abusive messages and threatening a woman in Cannon Place, Brighton, where he had a hammer.

Jupp said he was “shocked and embarrassed by his behaviour” and “apologetic”, Brighton Magistrates’ Court heard.

But despite getting a community order for his crimes, Jupp failed to turn up for unpaid work and did not respond to a final warning letter from the probation service.

Jupp, now of Sugden Road, Worthing, was given a new 20-week suspended sentence and was ordered to complete 140 hours of unpaid work, with 20 rehabilitation sessions, or risk being sent to prison.