“EXPLOSIONS” were carried out in a residential street after a suspicious package was found in a bag.

The worried residents in Dewe Street, Brighton, looked out their windows as hoards of police officers descended on their quiet street yesterday afternoon.

A 100m perimeter was set up around the package which was found in the street near the University of Brighton at about 1pm.

Video footage captured the moment students and builders were evacuated from nearby Mithras House and Preston Barracks site.


The bomb squad arrived at the scene at about 3.15pm as onlookers from nearby streets gathered behind the police cordon to watch.

Mother-of-two Jasmin Tipping, 27, watched the drama unfold from her window with daughter Maisie, 10 and son Alfie, 5.

She said: “Nothing like this has ever happened before, you don’t expect to to happen on your road – it was like something off TV.

“My daughter was very anxious and was asking me questions but my son was a bit too young to know what was going on.”

Ms Tipping said she was told that if she went out of the police cordon, she would not be allowed back on her road.

“I’m feeling tired and stressed,” she said.

At about 3.45pm, multiple onlookers said they heard two “explosions” on the road.

This came as the bomb squad deployed a robot to assist with the incident.

Sussex Police later confirmed Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) carried out a “controlled explosion”.

About an hour later, a man could be seen person putting on a bomb disposal suit.

At 6pm, a Sussex Police spokesman said: “EOD are continuing to assess the scene.

“Affected homes and buildings remain evacuated and some roads remain closed.

“We apologise for the disruption.”

Lewes Road was closed both ways from 1pm to about 2.30pm.

However, travel across the city was disrupted until the late afternoon.

Student Kathleen Burden, who was walking past Sainsbury’s at the end of Lewes Road, said: “I saw police drive along with sirens on and also an ambulance.

“There are massive queues going onto the road and it is at a standstill.

“No buses are running and the bus timetables say ‘due’ but nothing has turned up for 25 minutes.”