THE ship of dreams inspired a wonderful night of joviality and entertainment.

The entertainment team at Phileas Foggs Adventures in Brighton came up with an immersive and captivating night where fans of the Titanic film starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio were in their element.

Visitors could choose to go for the smart option with the black tie experience upstairs or slum it in steerage.

We tried the steerage where Jack and Rose escape to from the posh diners to have a party.

They danced among us as the violinists played and the pair spun round and round, before running off to their car for a private moment.

The parsnip soup and the rest of the three course meal was excellent and, as always with Phileas Fogg, it was the great actors and entertainers who made it special.

The steerage characters were an absolute blast and when we all went upstairs to join the black tie diners the rest of the cast came into their own.

Cal – Rose’s jilted fiance, was fantastic. The scene on the balcony after Jack and Rose lean over the edge of the ship, proclaiming that he is the king of the world, brought the night to its peak.

But then the party carried on with period singers and dance troupes as well as some burlesque – everyone was thoroughly entertained.

There were some well-known faces enjoying themselves, including Andrea McClean (ITV’s Loose Women) and her husband Nick Feeney, Katie Price’s ex-husband Kieran Hayler and girlfriend Michelle Pentecost and Capital One DJ Joe Cooper and girlfriend Millie Woodman.

Jordan Davies and Isobelle Mills from ITV’s Ibiza Weekender were there too. It is great news that they will be holding more Titanic nights and other exciting events at other venues later this year.