AN egg farm targeted by activists has had its RSPCA membership reinstated. 

This follows an investigation by the charity into Hoads Farm, near Hastings, which was stormed by animal rights activists last month. 

Video footage from Direct Action Everywhere (DXE) allegedly showed ill birds and rotting bodies.
Following the clips, RSPCA Assured suspended the farm’s membership and supermarket giants including Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s boycotted its free range eggs.

During the protest, which happened on January 27, the activists “liberated” 50 chickens, running away with them in their arms.

Following an investigation, the farm will be subject to unannounced visits and has installed CCTV which RSPCA Assured has access to.

A spokesman for RSPCA Assured said: “We have carried out a thorough investigation over the past three and a half weeks, which included multiple visits to the farm and extensive interviews with the staff and management.

"We are pleased that the farm has taken on board all of our concerns and fully addressed all of the problems identified.

"Our specially trained assessors are satisfied that the RSPCA’s strict standards are now being met and the current flock of hens is in good health.”

A Hoads spokesman told the BBC: “Following rigorous inspections by officials from Defra and the RSPCA, we are pleased to confirm egg collections have resumed at the hen house. We were happy to welcome the RSPCA in to look at our hens and at the time we were told they found them in good health.

"The welfare of our birds is, and has always been, our number one priority, and this will continue to be the case.”