JUMPING out of a plane at 13,000 feet is just another day in the life of the “daredevil grandad”.

Colin Smith, 77, was given the nickname by his wife and grandchildren after he took part in a series of death-defying charity stunts.

The pensioner said: “It was terrifying, but the freefall was like being Superman – so exhilarating.

“Not bad for someone who takes vertigo tablets.

“I hadn’t done anything like that until I turned 70, but the skydive made me think ‘that’s a satisfying feeling, what’s next?’.”

Colin, from Woodingdean, has had a “daredevil decade” since the skydive stunt seven years ago.

He has abseiled down the cliffs of Peacehaven, the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth, which is 558 feet high, and the i360 on Brighton seafront, which is 450 feet high.

He now plans to abseil down the Brighton landmark again – at night – to raise money for The Martlets hospice in Hove.

Colin’s wife, Angela, 73, helps him raise the money – although her feet remain on solid ground.

Colin said: “Over the past decade, Angela and I have raised a five-figure total for Martlets doing all sorts of things.

“Whatever your age, why not give fundraising a go?

“We’ve enjoyed every moment and made new friends along the way.”

Thrill-seekers are being offered the chance to take the plunge by stepping out of the i360 pod at night, 450 feet above Brighton beach, or fly high with an airborne “wing walk” on a biplane above the Sussex countryside, both in aid of the Martlets.

The i360 drop will take place on May 1 and is open to anyone aged 14 and over.

The wing walk will take off on July 11. It is open to over 18s only.

Neither event has an upper age limit so it is never too late to take the leap for a good cause.

Anyone interested in these challenges can sign up at www.martlets.org.uk/events.