A CHEF has backed the French crêpe as the champion of Shrove Tuesday treats.

Alex Jandosekova, 33, will be making 300 of them today as the manager at Crêpeaffaire in Brighton’s East Street.

The crêpe is thinner and wider than its English cousin and only cooked on one side.

Crucially, crêpes aren’t flipped. But they are closer to the flat English pancake than the fluffy, American-style variety.

Alex said: “Ours are much better. Crêpes are a French tradition. The American ones, which use baking powder, are much sweeter and smaller.

“We also do a ‘vegan pancake’ – our version of a traditional French galette. They’re gluten, egg and dairy free and made from a thick buckwheat batter that’s left for 24 hours.

“We don’t flip crêpes. That’s for when you’re cooking pancakes. We’ve got heavy hotplates and we spread the batter over the top.”

Today, Nutella is set to be the most popular flavour, followed closely by lemon and sugar and a few curveball flavours – including eggs Benedict and banana split.

Alex said: “Pancake day is going to be crazy. Normally I’ll made about 100 pancakes a day. But I expect I’ll be making three times that today.”

The cooks undergo a rigorous training programme. They have to learn the recipes off by heart and be able to make several crêpes simultaneously.

Alex said: “The training is intensive. Staff have to learn how to cook on four to six hotplates at once. It takes practice, but by the end, they should be able to make anything on the menu with their eyes closed.”

Unsurprisingly, the staff emerge as crêpe loyalists. Dominic Boylan, 19, has been training for six months. He said: “They’re much better than the fluffy ones. You can stuff more in them.”

Argus reviewer Lee Saunders was impressed when he put the pancakes to the test.

He said: “The crepes were delicious – a real taste of France right here in Brighton. Their Mexican chicken pancake was as rich and tasty as their Nutella one. I’d even say they were better than traditional pancakes – they were fresher and more flavourful.”