DOG owners have been warned after a potentially dangerous substance was washed up on a beach.

Yellow lumps which are believed to be palm oil were found on the seafront shoreline.

After a series of palm oil “bergs” washed up on English shores in August last year, TV vet Marc Abraham warned that it “is gelatinous so it can get lodged in a dog’s oesophagus and require emergence surgery”.

A Seaford Town Council spokesman said: “We have been advised of a possibility that palm oil has been found washed up on Seaford beach.

“This natural, edible vegetable oil is non-hazardous to humans but there are concerns that dogs can fall ill after eating it.

“Our advice to dog owners is that they should always try to prevent their dogs from eating anything they find on the beach, especially during and after bad weather.

“If you suspect that your dog has eaten such material, you should seek the advice of a vet.

“The town council and Lewes District Council will be monitoring the beach and carrying out clearance where necessary, however there is always a risk that more will be washed ashore.

“Beach-goers can safely handle palm oil and if you choose to collect it you can leave small amounts in any of the litter bins.

“If you come across any large accumulations, please note the location and report it to Lewes District Council.”

Earlier this month, a series of “solid waxy” lumps were found along the shoreline between Littlehampton and Ferring. Arun District Council “encouraged dog walkers to be vigilant and keep dogs on leads”.

Picture by Lynn Polling