DANCERS performed a powerful sold-out show about the climate crisis.

Members of Brighton youth dance company Streetfunk performed their show Level Up Presents Crisis at the Sallis Benney Theatre in Grand Parade, Brighton, on Sunday, February 16.

The show was inspired by environmental campaigner Greta Thunberg’s activism and portrayed the climate crisis through street dance.

The show featured five of the advanced Streetfunk dance crews, including the under-14s groups Kriticool and Defiance, the under-16s crew Origen and the under-18s group called Novalux.

One of the dancers, 14-year-old Sam Pierce, said: “It’s been such an inspiring journey creating this piece for my Streetdance school.

“I think it’s great how we have come together to learn about the reality of the climate crisis to successfully portray this through our passion – dance.”

Streetfunk founder and dance teacher JP Omari said: “I’m so proud of my Streetfunk team Monique Matthews, Machis Baboulene, Will Timpson, India Phillips, Rhiannon Rolf and Lauren Wood for all their hard work on this show.

“Big love to the Novalux crew for their performances and for helping with the younger ones and love to all parents and performers – you were awesome.

“We will have many more events to come.”

India Phillips, who teaches tap dance at Marina Studios in Brighton and is the customer relations officer for Streetfunk, said: “I think this was a powerful and innovative way to stress the current climate crisis.

“How wonderful to see such young talent produce such an interesting piece through dance.”

Rhiannon Rolf, marketing officer for Streetfunk, said: “I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of this experience.

“Dancing as a whole family and bringing all ages together to focus on such an important topic really helped bind us together as a dance company.”

Streetfunk provides street dance and hip hop dance classes to young people aged between four and 18 years across Sussex, including classes at Marina Studios in Mermaid Walk, Brighton.

Established in 2006 by award-winning dancer, teacher, coach and choreographer JP Omari, the dance company’s core values are hard work, discipline, respect and having fun.

Budding hip hop dancers can audition to join the advanced Streetfunk crews once a year, and this year auditions will take place on July 11 at Marina Studios.

The Streetfunk crews regularly compete in national and international competitions, and under 18s crew Novalux are set to take part in the European Dance Championships in Germany in May.

The group are fundraising to support their travel costs to get to the competition, with an online crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe.

To find out more about the dance company or to register for a class, visit