TWO officers helped save the life of a man who collapsed in the street.

Community Support Officers (PCSO) Brett Robinson and Simon Quirke were approached by people when they were out on patrol in Brighton.

An elderly man had collapsed and Simon, pictured right, performed CPR treatment.

He has previously worked as a healthcare assistant at the hospital before joining the force.

Meanwhile Brett helped keep the man’s wife calm and the two gave her a lift to the hospital’s accident and emergency department.

Brett is now a serving PC and Simon is also set to begin his role as a PC in the coming months.

Chief Inspector Rachel Swinney presented them with commendations at the Brighton and Hove Divisional Awards. She said the PCSOs made an “incredible contribution”.

It was revealed the man had suffered a suspected heart attack and had collapsed.

Simon said: “We found the man lying flat on the floor, face first on the ground. I could hear he wasn’t breathing regularly, so I commenced CPR.”

Brett said that they both remained calm, and remembered their training, despite how daunting the situation was.

“These kind of incidents can happen when you least expect them,” he said.