THE family of a 94-year-old Seagulls fan are furious over a £100 parking fine from the ground.

Joyce Stoner has been attending Brighton and Hove Albion matches since she was a little girl.

But she needs help from her granddaughter, daughter Lyn Paterson and son-in-law Mike Jenner to get to and from games.

They were all shocked when they received the parking fine while waiting outside the Amex to collect her.

Despite displaying a blue badge and being in the car at the time the ticket was issued, they say their appeal has fallen on deaf ears.

Now they fear devoted fan Joyce could miss out on going to games in future.

Joyce, who lives in the Preston Park area of Brighton, has witnessed some of the club’s biggest highs and lows over many years.

She celebrated her 90th birthday on the pitch at the Amex, where she is a season ticket holder.

Son-in-law Mike said he was waiting in the car with his wife while Fiona was helping Joyce back to the vehicle when they got the ticket.

He said: “We pulled in to collect her and got a parking fine while we were still in the car. We tried to speak with the operative and told him we had a disabled badge clearly shown.

“The upshot is we are hesitant to pull in there to pick her up and that could mean Joyce doesn’t go to the football any more.

“She is a season ticket holder and has been a supporter for her whole life. For all those years it has been her one big thing in life.

“Joyce has gone to watch the Albion since she was a little girl, she is very passionate about it.”

He said he parked on land run by the University of Brighton and managed by UK Car Park Management.

It is the regular spot where he parks, while her granddaughter takes Joyce in and out of the stadium.

Her daughter Lyn said she was unhappy that the warden did not speak to them and ask them to move.

She said: “We were in the car the whole time, and could have moved.

“If we can’t pick mum up, it means she will not be able to go to watch the football matches.

“She is very frail now, compared to how she was a few years ago, so we all help her.”

Mike added: “We have appealed against the parking ticket, but they are not budging. They say a disabled badge doesn’t count on private land.

“We were not in a disabled bay, but there was not a disabled bay to park in.

“It has annoyed us, as the operative would not stop to speak with us and didn’t leave a notice on the car.”

The University of Brighton and UK Car Park Management Ltd were contacted for comment.

It is reported that the company told the university: “The notice was issued after the warden observed the vehicle improperly parked for 26 minutes.

“Photographs were taken of the vehicle, front and rear, and the warden rightfully issued the ticket.

“There was no exemption for the vehicle to be parked where it was.”