The Dome, Brighton,

Tuesday, March 3

Jake Bugg may have been playing to an audience of thousands for the first gig of his latest tour at the Dome but the set had the vibe of an evening down the local pub.

The evening encompassed rock and roll, electric country, acoustic country and just rock and showcased Bugg’s versatility and commitment to his trade.

Shades of Dylan’s country origins to his electronic reinvention, touches of Garfunkel and even Johnny Cash and echoes of Oasis and other rock and roll legends delighted his multi-aged audience.

The stage was lit by a series of spots and minimalistic lighting projected onto the floor.

The effect was minimalistic and two tone and set the mood for the music.

Jake Bugg’s career has fluctuated in recent years but he has produced an impressive catalogue of stand-out songs across a whole range of styles and continues to write and experiment.

His voice is distinctive and occasionally abrasive but there is no doubting the range and depth of his talent.

Whether he a rocker or country singer is immaterial. It is all there. Supported by keyboards, bass and drums or just delivering solo on acoustic, Jake Bugg did his best to cover his better-known songs interspersed with some of his more recent material.

Lightning Bolt, Two Fingers, Broken, Taste It all featured on the set list and the performance spanned an impressive 90 plus minutes.

His demise may have been predicted periodically by the pundits, but Jake Bugg is clearly going to be around and producing music for years to come.

Four albums and numerous recordings coupled a committed fan base, is proof of his continued place in the music industry.

Philip Noble

Picture: Mike Burnell