A MAN in a superhero costume was denied entry to court because of his appearance.

David Chick arrived at Brighton Magistrates Court yesterday dressed as a combination of Spider-Man and Superwoman.

The 53-year-old was not permitted to enter the courtroom while magistrate judge Tessa Szagun liaised with Chick’s defence solicitor Linda MacDonald.

Judge Szagun said: “I would have given him the benefit of the doubt if it was for World Book Day but it’s not appropriate if he’s coming into the court as a protest.

“I think I have got to make a point to say that it’s not acceptable and he needs to remove the face paint if he wants to be dealt with in court today.

“I have got to make sure the dignity of the court is maintained and he’s not given an opportunity to make a mockery of that.”

Chick, who lives in Minsterworth in Gloucestershire, is charged with harassment without violence, and Ms MacDonald confirmed he pleads not guilty to the offence.

Judge Szagun gave Chick the opportunity to remove his make-up, but he chose not to.

She said: “I won’t issue a warrant for his arrest but he needs to know that if he wishes to enter court he needs to come dressed appropriately and not wearing face paint.

“Mr Chick is on bail with conditions. I am enlarging his bail on the same conditions, to have no contact and not to go to an address.

“He will be informed as to what my expectations are as to how he will come to court next time. If he does the same thing again I will exclude him from court for the same reason and hear evidence in his absence.”

Judge Szagun adjourned the case until April 29 at 9.30am in Brighton Magistrates Court.

Outside the court, Chick said: “They’ve said I cannot come into court because I’m dressed as Spider-Man.

“I’m being persecuted by the Government. I have come a long way to be here today. The whole case was for me to appear and they have denied me that opportunity.”

The court heard Chick is a member of the Fathers4Justice campaign group who dress as superheroes.

Their stunts have included spending 45 hours on a 200ft crane in St Katherine’s Dock near Tower Bridge in London in 2003.

Another stunt involved sitting on a 120ft crane for six days.

A man in a Spider-Man costume scaled the 450ft London Eye and remained there for more than 18 hours in 2004.