A MAN with Asperger’s syndrome has been banned from a park after punching a woman.

Robert Chubb enjoyed strolling through Preston Park in Brighton as part of his daily routine.

But he attacked an innocent woman walking her dogs through the park.

It may have been because he felt she had interfered with his routine, Brighton Magistrates’ Court heard.

Chubb, 54, admitted the unprovoked assault.

It has left the victim, who The Argus has chosen not to name, with concussion and suffering with anxiety when she goes out to walk her dogs.

She said: “It happened so fast. I never spoke to the man, he has never spoken to me. But he came from behind and attacked me.

“I have not really been going to the park as much with my dogs.

“I don’t want to see the man any more, I don’t feel safe going out.

“He punched me and then walked off. That’s what makes me struggle more. Because if I did something or said something I have no idea what it was and fear it could happen again.”

Suzanne Soros, prosecuting, said the incident happened on July 16 last year.

She said: “The allegation is that the defendant approached the complainant from behind while she was walking her dogs.

“He has kicked her to the back of her leg and buttocks, then used a closed fist to punch her in the back of her head, then walked off shouting. This has had an impact on her, as it is her regular walking route with her dogs.”

Ms Soros said Chubb has committed 12 previous attacks on other people between 1984 and 2017.

Chubb, of York Road, Hove, represented himself in court, and a probation officer and District Judge Amanda Kelly explained to him the effect his conduct had on the victim.

The probation officer said Chubb has previously completed unpaid work but sometimes struggles juggling the community service with rehabilitation sessions.

He said Chubb has a desire for more human contact and has been quite isolated because of his condition.

Judge Kelly said: “I know your routine is important to you, but that lady’s routine has been disrupted because of your conduct.

“She liked walking her dogs without worrying about being attacked, but is now too afraid to do that.”

She ordered Chubb to complete 120 hours of unpaid work in the next 12 months and told him to pay £200 to the victim.

Meanwhile she banned him from Preston Park for three years as part of a restraining order and said he will need to find a new route for his routine.