Having taken part in the demonstrations against the sale of foie gras in restaurants in Brighton and Hove, I was shocked and disappointed to read the article about it (The Argus, November 8). It gave the impression from the title and some of the content that we had been abusive to potential customers and even tried to stop them gaining entry to the restaurant.

We never blocked the doorway or stopped customers from entering. We presented them with a leaflet which explains how foie gras is produced.

We are campaigning against this so-called delicacy because its production is banned in this country and many others because the force-feeding of geese and ducks is considered so cruel.

Several councils around the country have banned it in their areas and some Brighton and Hove councillors are considering presenting such a ban to council. Brighton Animal Action has had trememdous support from members of the public who have signed our petition, which we will be presenting to the council.

Graze has stated that it only sells foie gras once a month to customers who ask for it. It would do better to take a moral stand and explain to those customers why it has been taken off the menu.

Until then we are free to exercise our democratic right to protest - peacefully, as we always have.

  • Sue Baumgardt, for Brighton Animal Action Stoneham Road, Hove

Whether or not you eat fois gras, and I'm sure we are all aware of the way that it is produced, as adults we can surely make that decision for ourselves.

We don't need to be bullied by protesters who wish that we would live our lives the way they do.

Selecting small independent businesses to harass makes them no better than school bullies. I'm suprised the reputable Green Party is involved.

  • Andy, Shoreham

Well done to the protesters against foie gras at Graze. Do people who eat such disgusting fare not realise or care how it is produced?

The sale of it should be banned.

Anyone who eats such muck should hang their head in shame.

  • Sylvia Harwood, Old Shoreham Road Hove