James Arthur

Brighton Centre

Sunday, March 8

Former X-Factor winner James Arthur brought his You tour to Brighton on Sunday night.

Having released three albums since winning the reality TV show, his latest, 2019’s You is his latest offering.

When the stage is finally revealed, it is backed by five huge mirrors.

Arthur arrives and launches into album title track You and the three letters are emblazoned across the mirrors, ensuring that everyone knows exactly what his tour and album are called.

Every song is met with a volley of screams, cheers and a lot of singing.

For most of the set the crowd eat from the palm of his hand. Introducing his version of Rewrite The Stars, a cover of The Greatest Showman song he recorded with Anne-Marie, he asks the crowd to welcome her to the stage. This is met with little short of hysteria, only for Arthur to laugh and tell everyone he is just kidding.

His set could be described as genre encompassing with both Arthur and his band moving seamlessly between tender love song and potential rock anthem and soulful ballad.

He finished initially with Impossible, the song he released after winning X Factor, to rapturous applause.

He could have finished his set there and sent everyone home happy. Of course the cheering continued, as did the foot stamping and the clapping. Duly, Arthur returned to the stage to finish off his set for real, closing the evening with Sun Comes Up and Say You Won’t Let Go.

All in all a great evening. James Arthur certainly puts his all into his live shows and he can also sing live too. Whatever your opinion of him is as a person, you cannot take away his passion for his music.

Matthew Cousins