ITALIANS flying into the UK today from the coronavirus-riddled country said they had not been given any information about self-isolation, despite the Government urging anyone returning from Italy to quarantine themselves.

Several people arriving at Gatwick Airport from Naples said they would be taking public transport back to their homes, while confirming that they did not undergo any checks to determine whether they had contracted the virus.

Neapolitan Paolo Lauletta, 41, who drives a cab in Brighton, said: “My flight was about 60 per cent full.

“The Italian people, they are very scared the last couple of days.

“I don’t know about self-isolation, because I have only been in Italy for the last five days.

“I wasn’t given any advice about self-isolating. My wife is picking me up to take me back to Brighton.

“We weren’t given any information on the plane or checked when we came off.

“It was very quiet in Naples. Lots of people wearing masks, about 80 per cent of events were cancelled.”

Beauty salon owner Mariana Tessitore, 28, also from Brighton, said: “It’s very bad in Naples. I was there for one week.

“There is just more panic, I think there might even be too much drama honestly.

“On the plane everything was normal. I don’t know if there are some controls here.

“I’m feeling completely good, probably I will check with my GP to see what he suggests.

“Of course I would be willing to self-isolate, but nothing was said about it on the plane.

“They said ‘wash your hands’, ‘be careful’ - but nothing about self-isolation.

“I’m going home by train. They didn’t tell us anything about transport.”

Engineer Anna De Luca, 30, who also lives in Brighton, said: “I have all my family in Naples.

“I think it’s just crazy. I’m actually quite shocked, there were no checks at all.

“So I said, I will take some responsibility and wear the mask - even if it’s useless.

“But even in Naples they did a check, and told us to stay one metre away from the next person.

“And then on the plane there was nothing. We weren’t given any information.

“I just asked a man working here, he said maybe you should phone 111, but there were no checks at all.

“There is nothing, and then the poster is really old. All of Italy is now in the ‘red zone’, it’s not just the north.

“My company said that maybe I’m allowed to work from home, and they said I could do that for fourteen days.

“I hope my boyfriend can come tonight, because I’m completely alone.

“I don’t really know how I’m getting home. They say you should avoid transport, but then should I take a taxi? It’s very expensive.

“Then if I take a bus, it’s the same thing as the train. The only thing I can is wear a mask.

“It’s not been clear enough. On the government website, it is written that everybody coming after 9 March should be isolated - but they don’t specify for how many days, so I don’t know. I’m very critical.”