When it finally stopped raining the PubSpy headed out and enjoyed a good walk and nice beer. But sadly he was not impressed with the food at The Beachy Head

THE sun broke through the clouds on Sunday, triggering a knee-jerk reaction from Mrs PubSpy.

“We are going for a walk,” she declared.

The usual new year pledge to be healthy had been held back, to my huge relief, by the weather for a good two months.

My protestations that rain was sure to follow soon fell on deaf ears as she ordered me to drive us to the Seven Sisters country park. She has been watching that new drama Flesh and Blood, which I must confess was pretty gripping. And there were scenes shot on the beach at Birling Gap and on the cliffs near Beachy Head. She therefore wanted to visit

I had read in this great publication that there had been another cliff fall near Birling Gap, and as we arrived there the heavens opened. So we sat in the car park and waited, thinking about where else to go. She suggested heading to the Cuckmere Inn, but I still remember mixed emotions about that place. So I suggested The Beachy Head and as we drove the short distance there the clouds cleared and we were able to have a quick stroll to build up a thirst. We walked across a few hills, which may well have been the ones which feature near the start of a Harry Potter film with the Quidditch World Cup stadium nearby. It’s in the film but I never saw a witch, wizard or a snitch. I wished I’d seen some magic at the pub later, as I will soon explain

So as the wind battered us into submission we ducked across the road and into The Beachy Head. I wasn’t expecting much, as it is a Vintage Inns pub. They can be a bit of a mixed bag. As mentioned the Cuckmere is a bit up and down. Mostly down due to long waits and lack of staff. The Smuggler’s Rest at Peacehaven is another matter. All done up and with plenty of attentive staff ready to take your order at the table, the last time I was there.

The sun was beaming through the huge windows when we entered The Beachy Head and it is beautiful inside to be fair. It is massive but there did not seem to be too many people as I was able to get a pint of Doom Bar straight away. It was a cracking, fruity, wholesome ale. Perfect for the time of year. I was in no mood for a really cold lager.

“How long is the wait for food,” I asked.

“About half an hour,” the slightly harassed looking barman said. Good news. Enough time for another pint after this, I thought.

Now along with this new year health drive, as part of it in fact, we are laying off the meat. This caused a problem because I could see some very impressive looking roast dinners and burgers on the tables.

I’ve enjoyed some pretty impressive vegetarian burgers of late. Ed’s Easy Diner in the Churchill Square Shopping Centre being one, and Grubbs too, so I’m told. The Moving Mountains Burger was a plant based burger, so not just a deep fried mashed potato and vegetables offering. I went for that and Mrs PubSpy chose the vegetarian roast.

I enjoyed a salt and pepper calamari starter but I thought it was a bit small really.

I had time to knock back a pint of Tribute. It tasted very similar to the Doom Bar, another cracking pint.

But that’s where it started to fall apart really. We waited. And waited. A good 50 minutes later a limp and sad looking burger arrived next to a pile of good chips. I had to ask for relish. The burger was dry but I’d have eaten anything by then to be fair.

Mrs PubSpy said her slow roasted tomato and almond bake tasted cold, as if it had been on the pass for 20 minutes. I tried it, it was stodgy. I offered to send it back but like myself she just wanted to eat something by that stage. The food was a shame because it is a lovely pub inside.

We enjoyed a lovely dessert of apricot and creme brulee and Eton mess so at least it ended well.

The Beachy Head

Beachy Head Road




Great Country pub style

Food and drink


A wide selection of drinks but we obviously chose the wrong meals



Tribute was £4.25. Vegetarian burger and chips £12.75



The place was buzzing



Very pleasant