A GUN-TOTING thug tried to attack a group of revellers during a drunken fracas at a railway station.

Jason Shane White approached Cameron Patton, Ashley Istead, Connor Hall, Reba Cunningham and Remy Browning at Seaford station. They were going for a night out.

The 23-year-old put Connor Hall into a headlock and the pair grappled and fought in front of shocked witnesses, a court heard.

When the group boarded the train, White went up to the window and made abusive gestures, then forced his way on board.

Witnesses said he brandished a BB handgun and fired it inside the train.

But White was fought off by the group and was left bloodied from his injuries.

At Hove Crown Court White admitted affray and possession of an offensive imitation firearm in public. He was jailed for two years and eight months.

Daniel Wright, prosecuting, said CCTV footage showed the incident in Seaford at 10.15pm in September 2018.

Mr Wright said the defendant’s anger was apparently sparked by an accusation of damage being caused to a vehicle.

Others in the group tried to calm White down and separate him from Connor Hall, but outside the train White also confronted other people who were not known to him.

“The defendant was getting into a fight with just about anyone,” the prosecutor said.

Armed police later swooped on his former address at a flat above the Seven Sisters pub in Seaford.

Inside, they found other imitation guns, including a handgun and an assault rifle, as well as a “combat knife” and a lock knife.

“The knives found in the flat are of an unsavoury nature,” Mr Wright said.

James Partridge, defending, said his client had a tough upbringing in Zimbabwe, where he was put up for adoption.

He witnessed domestic violence and had to hide from his adoptive father.

In Seaford, he left home at the age of 14, and saw a friend get stabbed when he was a teenager.

Mr Partridge said White had fallen in with the wrong crowd and started using drugs and alcohol.

But since 2018 he has “got his life back on track”, and is taking prescription drugs for depression.

But Judge Jeremy Gold QC said: “I have viewed the footage of your behaviour on the night in question.

“You were determined to fight that night, and it all took place in Seaford Railway Station.

“It is a shocking offence, in front of members of the public. As if that was not bad enough, you produced and discharged an imitation firearm.

“That is completely and utterly unacceptable behaviour.

“You have experienced things as a young man and child that you should not have experienced.

“But you are an adult now. You cannot constantly rely on that as an excuse.

“You can’t drink yourself into the state where you behave in this way.”

White, of South Road, Seaford, was jailed.