CONCERNED citizens have set up social media groups to make sure everyone is supported through the coronavirus crisis.

The Government has moved into the “delay” phase of its plan to contain the spread of the virus in Britain.

Meanwhile in Brighton and Hove, hundreds have joined Facebook groups vowing to support each other through what is expected to be the worst public health crisis for a generation.

One group has been set up to ensure people can still get their food, pick up their prescriptions and medicines.

Meanwhile another has been set up to help the elderly and vulnerable by bringing charities and volunteers together.

Brighton Covid 19 Mutual Aid  Group was set up by Andrea Brock and pal Daniel Therkelson, from the Preston Circus area of the city.

Dr Brock, a Sussex University lecturer, said: "It can be incredibly isolating to be in your house for weeks

"We are used to this idea that asking for help is a bad thing and that is not something we are encouraged to do.

"So we are setting up this group so people can ask for help and they can ask for support.

"The fact that this works shows that people want to help each other.

"We had a couple of cases already where people need something and other people have joined in.

"I think it's a good example that shows that we can't rely on government in times of crisis, we need to look after each other and have solidarity with each other, particularly with those who are most vulnerable.

"I think this is just one solution, one way of bringing people together of many. I would encourage everyone to get involved."

The Mutual Aid Facebook group wrote: “In times of crisis we need each other. Even at the low-end of estimations, mutual aid will be essential for many, but most of all, the vulnerable in our society. 

“We will be looking to help people access food, collect prescriptions, complete errands etc.--particularly for those who are elderly, disabled and/or immuno-compromised.

“While this may not become apocalyptic, best case scenario- we show Brighton pulls together in the face of adversity, whether it's for this or something else in the future.”

Meanwhile the Brighton and Hove Support for Senior and Vulnerable Populations group founder Jonathan Jones said: “I set up a facebook group last night for people looking to help the senior and vulnerable populations in Brighton and Hove in the coming few weeks, and for those looking for help. 

“It seems best that actually charities who have the contacts for people needing help could utilise the group so it becomes and group connecting volunteers to charities in Brighton and Hove.”

You can find the Mutual Aid Facebook group here and the Support for Senior and Vulnerable Populations group here.